Pre-flight comfort

Passengers passing through Munich Airport should enjoy all-round comfort – and that includes an air-conditioned bus transfer. In the course of renewal of its bus fleet AeroGround decided to purchase 48 MAN Lion’s City buses (solo and articulated), all equipped with Spheros systems.

The customized air conditioning solution was implemented in close cooperation with the manufacturer: the choice was made in favour of Aerosphere World rooftop air conditioning units (on articulated buses one each on the front and rear sections). With a cooling capacity of 32 kW, Aersosphere World guarantees a pleasant interior climate. The A/C units operate optionally with 100% fresh air, mixed or 100% recirculated air. The modular principle of Aerosphere also enables optimum adaptation to the vehicle design. In addition to the air conditioning units, the buses are also equipped with Spheros Thermo 300 heaters, Aquavent 6000 SC water pumps and Bus Top Premium roof hatches.

The airport buses will shuttle passengers between Terminals 1 and 2 and on the airside between the terminal and aircraft. All the new air-conditioned buses will be in operation by 2014. “We are a Bavarian company and have our head office on the outskirts of Munich, so we are very pleased that our air conditioning systems are now being used at Munich Airport,” says Regional Marketing Manager Franz Bergmaier.

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