Caetano City Midi now with our REVO Global

In addition to touring coaches and 12m city buses, Portuguese manufacturer CaetanoBus of Vila Nova de Gaia also builds city buses in midi format. For several years Spheros has been supplying the Aerosphere Midi air conditioning unit with full equipment for the successful City Midi, based on the MAN A66 chassis, for the European market.
At the end of 2016 the Aerosphere Midi was superseded by the newly developed REVO Global 250. The focal aim of this development was that it should be usable worldwide on virtually any bus roof. A heater/ventilator version with water valve is being installed in the Caetano City Midi. In addition to weight savings of approx. 18kg compared to its predecessor, with the use of SMC components and a flat-tube condenser and the conversion from copper to aluminium piping, the REVO Global 250 achieves a higher air output (approx. 300m2/h unimpeded) with lower power consumption.

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