Gas governor replacement in GBW applications

The new Thermo G gas heater has been in series production since early 2016, and an elementary component is the gas governor. Because the compact governor has proven itself in series production, it is also recommended as a replacement governor for existing GBW applications

It regulates the gas pressure in accordance with ECR R110 in a first stage from 200 to 8 bar and in a second stage to the ambient pressure. At this point we would like to stress the need for a gas governor replacement every four years, as required by the manufacturer. To make replacement easier, complete conversion kits have been generated, and these are immediately available. The correct diameter of the gas supply line is critical for the right order number. Special Swatlock screw fittings in different sizes are needed for Version 6-8-10. A conversion guide is being prepared and will shortly be available in the download area.

The identification numbers of the conversion kits are as follows:
11121895A Umrüstkit Gasregler 6mm GBW – Thermo G
11121896A Umrüstkit Gasregler 8mm GBW – Thermo G
11121897A Umrüstkit Gasregler 10mm GBW – Thermo G

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