The hybrid heater Thermo H enters into production

The Thermo H is available in different performance classes for hybrid, electric, hydrogen and diesel buses and consists of both a diesel and an electric burner head. Tried and tested components already employed in the Thermo S and Thermo AC/DC are also used in this heater. Its on-board/off-board function not only means it can heat autonomously using diesel, but also that it can preheat indoor spaces and the depot without emissions, as well as precondition electric components. What’s more, the combi-heater makes electric auxiliary heating possible in zero emission zones without any problems.

The Thermo H will enter into production in the first quarter of 2017 in different versions; 16kW Diesel/7 kW DC/9kW AC and 23kW Diesel/7 kW DC. Further combinations and versions are available on request.

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