Contribution to a healthy urban climate

The MVG (Munich Transportation Company) puts 15 further bus and trailer combinations into service, equipped with Spheros REVO and Citysphere air conditioning units.

Bus and trailer combinations are a rare sight on German roads – but not so in Munich. The addition of 15 new MAN vehicles has brought Munich’s total to 50 – probably the biggest fleet to date. And that’s not all: to satisfy the growing passenger volume over the next few years the transport undertaking is aiming at 100 vehicles. They are also special when it comes to air conditioning: here Spheros has combined two completely different, independently functioning air conditioning solutions, so that the trailer can stay at the depot in off-peak periods, thus avoiding unnecessary energy consumption. For this purpose a REVO rooftop air conditioning unit has been installed on the traction vehicle and a Citysphere electric modular air conditioning system on the trailer.
MVG boss Herbert König: “Our bus and trailer combinations create more space. They offer 30% greater capacity, making them the best tool in the fight against bottlenecks due to ever-increasing passenger numbers. We are further expanding our bus services in a particularly cost-effective manner, while increasing the attractiveness of public transport in general. That is and remains the most effective contribution to a healthy urban climate.”

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