Off to a successful start: The new Fast-Way warehouse

Spheros Fast-Way warehouse has increased its range of spare parts once more since opening last September, and now boasts 2400 different articles – a decisive step towards optimising part availability and meeting customer needs.

Thanks to an online customer portal (, the availability of the parts can be checked quickly and easily at any time, and an order placed directly via the sales and service partners. Alongside the full range of spare parts, complete assemblies and rooftop air conditioning systems can also be ordered with immediate delivery. As soon as a stock movement is recorded, the order pattern is analysed and quantity requirements adjusted accordingly. The new warehouse has been well received by customers and sales partners throughout Europe. “The order frequency has shot up since the opening of the warehouse last year. That points to a high level of confidence in part stocks. And it’s not just part availability that’s been optimised either, but shipping and customer service, too. On weekdays, stored parts are dispatched within 24 hours”, says Carsten Schmidt, Spheros Head of After Sales.

Spheros Parts & Service: the new after-sales warehouse with 24-hours delivery.

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