New: Heater burner exchange concept

From the coming winter season 2016/2017 onwards Spheros will be offering an additional option of purchasing refurbished Spheros burners for the Thermo and Thermo S series. Customers will be able to exchange their old burner head for a refurbished one, with the advantage that the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on the product is renewed. Furthermore, the reliable replacement of all wearing parts such as the fuel pump, drive, etc. in one hundred percent original-parts-quality is guaranteed. The Spheros type label with approval mark also validates the vehicle’s general operating licence.

Three spare parts options will thus be available to the operator in future:

  • Refurbishment of the burner at cost and warranty on replaced parts.
  • Refurbished burner according to the exchange concept and 1-year warranty: the old heater burner is exchanged for a refurbished one.
  • Brand new spare part burner with a 2-year warranty.

The exchange process will be handled by the regular Spheros dealers. Further information on the procedure will be provided in the June issue of Technik-Service-News.

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