Fast-Way: 24-hour parts replacement

Spheros has brought a new warehouse into operation, and at the same time launched an online customer portal ( with an order function for sales partners.

With the construction and inauguration of its new Fast-Way warehouse in
Neckartailfingen near Stuttgart, Spheros has taken an important step towards optimizing parts availability and meeting customer needs. The total spare parts spectrum of the Spheros product world is covered with a basic stock of over 2,000 different articles. In addition, the Fast-Way warehouse stocks complete assemblies and rooftop air conditioners such as the Citysphere or Aerosphere World. Customers who, for example, have suffered total loss of an air conditioning unit due to an accident can be provided with a quick replacement.

Online information

Besides the availability of parts, customer sales and service has also been optimized. On weekdays, stored parts are despatched within 24 hours. The online customer portal enables sales and service partners with individual access data to directly check the stocks for specific articles and place orders. This means significant time savings and optimized planning for partners and customers.

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