Added travel comfort for BOGESTRA buses

Bochum-Gelsenkirchener Straßenbahnen AG (BOGESTRA) is increasing its fleet size by fourteen new Solaris Urbino 18 type articulated buses. At the request of the transport undertaking they will be equipped with the Spheros Citysphere in the “Comfort” version.

In its tenders in 2013 and 2014 BOGESTRA, with head office in Bochum, had already selected the Spheros Citysphere for installation in the Evobus Citaro C2 and MAN A23/A37 vehicle types. Now the new Solaris vehicle fleet is to be equipped with the Citysphere air conditioner: for the first time in the Comfort version for air conditioning of the passenger compartment and the Citysphere S for the driver’s section instead of full air conditioning.

The advantage of this system concept lies in the autonomous control of three “climate zones” in the vehicle: the driver’s section can be air-conditioned separately from the passenger compartment in both the front and rear parts of the vehicle. In addition, during the cooler seasons the Citysphere Comfort introduces warm air to the interior of the vehicle by means of a special air circulation system.

The decision in favour of this air conditioning version was justified by the reduction of follow-up and maintenance costs, as the system has a maintenance-free refrigerant circuit.

Also included in the delivery are a Thermo S with a heat output of 35 kW, an auxiliary heater and a 6000SC water circulation pump.

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