World’s longest bus equipped with Citysphere

The AutoTram® Extra Grand – one of the longest and most innovative buses in the world – has made it into the Guinness Book of Records 2015. Together with the Citysphere! This vehicle, which is over 30 metres long and equipped with Spheros air conditioning, can carry more than 250 passengers. The AutoTram® Extra Grand was developed by engineers from the Fraunhofer Institute as a pathbreaking system for public transport of the future and built by bus manufacturer Göppel Bus. Particular emphasis was placed on environmental compatibility, life-cycle costs and travel comfort. The electrically driven Citysphere modular air conditioning unit with a hermetically sealed refrigerant circuit and significantly reduced maintenance costs fits ideally into the concept. Furthermore, the additional fuel consumed by the unit compared to non-air-conditioned buses is hardly perceptible.

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