Award-winning Citaro wears REVO

One prize after the other for the Mercedes Benz Citaro: the top-selling bus with the star swept the board not only in “Best Commercial Vehicles” award ceremony of ETM Publishers as winner in the overall ranking of urban buses, but also in the International Bus Competition (IBC) 2014 in Munich. The city buses of five manufacturers underwent a week of trials under real test conditions for economic efficiency, comfort, passenger/driver safety and environmental balance. The Citaro occupied the top position in each of the disciplines bodywork, suspension, handling characteristics, driving safety and passenger comfort, thereby achieving the best consumption rate.

It was also a reason for Spheros to celebrate: the Citaro is standard equipped with the new REVO rooftop air conditioner that promises the lightest weight, best performance and lowest energy consumption in its class.

Detailed test results and reports are available in the trade journals Lastauto Omnibus, Busfahrt and  Nahverkehrs-Praxis.

(Pictures: Daimler)

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